Week 34 Highlights

Notes for Parents:

  • Please send your child’s towel back to school this week! With the nice weather we are hoping to do some more outdoor learning these last few weeks of school.


First Grade Family Time – Here are our winners from this week!


Writing – Students wrapped up their realistic fiction series for our From Scenes to Series unit of study! This week we focused on using correct punctuation and using illustrations to tell important details. We learned that writers can use illustrations to give clues about the setting, bring characters to life, tell secrets to the reader, and add extra realistic details. 

Word Study – We’ll be spending these last few weeks reviewing some of the most important foundational skills that our first graders need to know in order to be successful second grade readers and writers. This week, we practiced sorting long and short vowel sounds. For example, “cut” has a short vowel sound, and “cute” has a long vowel sound. 

Reading–  This week we wrapped up our Meeting characters and Learning Lessons Unit. We worked on learning lessons from our books and talked about how the lessons we learn in a book can be like a fortune from a fortune cookie.  We made comparisons and practiced giving our opinions about the books we have read. We will end the year with a review of non-fiction books.

Math- We continued learning about shapes this week, and the kiddos learned the names of some 3D shapes as well: sphere, cylinder, rectangular prism, cone and cube. We also learned how we can put both 2D shapes and 3D shapes together to create new shapes. Towards the end of the week, we started studying measurement and what the words longest and shortest mean. We practiced putting items in order from shortest to longest and vice versa. On Friday, we learned we can measure things with length units such as paper clips. We took a quiz over both shapes and measurement this week, and we will be taking our unit 7 test next week.

Morning Tubs- This week we tried out a new morning routine. The kids loved playing and learning with our new morning tubs!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, May 17
    •  STEAM
  • Tuesday, May 18
    • MUSIC
  • Wednesday, May 19
    • PE
  • Thursday, May 20
    • ART
  • Friday, May 21
    • STEAM
    • Library books due for the 20-21 school year!

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