Week 22 Highlights

Notes for Parents:

  • Friday journals were sent home yesterday. Please take a minute to write back to your child! Even a sentence or two will brighten your child’s week.
  • Please have your child continue to practice zipping his/her coat and tying his/her shoes at home!


Quote of the Week – This week’s quote went to REAGAN for always doing her best and not worrying about other students’ choices.

First Grade Family Time
– Here are our Family Time award winners from this week!

Mystery Reader – Addison’s mom surprised us as a mystery reader this week!

Valentine’s Party – Students played Valentine’s bingo, graphed their candy hearts by color, made a special Valentine’s craft, and did a Valentine’s directed drawing!

Star Prize – Our class earned their 10 star prize this week… Mrs. Kuiper came to PE with the class!


Writing – We continued learning how to convince our readers through persuasive writing! Students chose what they wanted to review this week. Games, movies, toys, restaurants, and vacations were among the many topics that students wrote reviews about. 

 Word Study – Rasheed is visiting construction sites in New York City to learn about how to be a word builder. We’ve been helping him use vowel teams to build some tricky words. This week, we learned about the vowel teams ai and ay, and we started making our own vowel team charts. 

Reading–  We started to think about our reading in terms of the whole book we are reading and not just the individual pages or pictures.  We worked on keeping track of what’s happening in the book and using the story to problem solve. When reading a tricky word we thought about what words would fit in the story and also reminded ourselves to continue to slow down and break words into parts. 

Math- We continued working on place value and drawing ten-sticks and circles to represent numbers. We place practiced comparing numbers using >, <, and =.

Social Emotional– This week we continued to talk about Kindness. We specifically focused on how we can be kind in our class. 

Black History Month- This week we learned about Ruby Bridges and had some very important conversations about her bravery and courage.

Chinese New Year- We spent this week learning about the Chinese New Year. Students watched a few videos, read “How to Catch a Dragon,” learned how to write “good luck,” and made this special dragon display for our hallway!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, February 15
    •  ART
  • Tuesday, February 16
    • STEAM
  • Wednesday, February 17
    • MUSIC
  • Thursday, February 18
    • PE
  • Friday, February 19
    • ART
    • Library

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