Week 3 Highlights

Notes for Parents:

  • Walkathon paperwork came home with your child on Monday. This is our ONLY fundraiser of the year, and it is HUGE for our PTC! Please return these fundraisers in your child’s blue folder before the Walkathon on September 27.  
  • Interested in volunteering in our classroom this semester? We would love your help! Follow this link to see available slots and to sign-up. You must complete the background check form before coming in!
  • If your child participates in a fall sport, please email me their schedule! I LOVE supporting our first graders outside of school, too. ❤️
  • Remember to return library books every WEDNESDAY!


Quote of the Week – Each week, our class learns about a new quote and spends the whole week trying to embody that quote. At the end of the week, Mrs. Kuiper awards a friend from our class who really shined with that quote’s energy from throughout the week. This week’s quote went to JACOB for always being up for a challenge! 

First Grade Family Time – Every Friday, all of the first graders at Georgetown get together for a little assembly! At the assembly, we celebrate our learning, give awards for the quote of the week, along with awards for lost teeth, shoe-tying, & birthdays from the week. Here are our “award-winning” first graders from today’s family time. 

10 Star Reward – We did it! Our amazing class of first graders earned 10 stars! We celebrated by playing on the 4th and 5th grade playground! ❤️


Reading– We are “building good reading habits” in first grade! This week, we learned the importance of setting goals, reading smoothly, and scooping up words. We each got our own special reading spots around the room and we got “peanut butter, jelly, & marshmallow fluff” reading buddies.  

Writing – We continued our small moment storytelling this week by writing our OWN stories! Students learned different strategies for spelling tricky words.

Math – We are becoming experts at number partners! For example, the partners of 6 are 1+5, 2+4, 3+3, etc. We have been using our workbooks to practice writing these partner equations for 6, 7, and 8. Plus, we’ve started using computers for tech time. We use the MOBYMAX app to practice our addition and subtraction fluency every day! 

Social & Emotional – We continued learning about our emotions this week and had lots of good conversations about the importance of recognizing our emotions – good or bad. We also learned about facial expressions and how those can be clues as to how a person is feeling. 

STAR Assessments – WHEW! We did it! Our first graders are required to take an online reading and math assessment at the start of the school year. Our fourth grade buddies from Mrs. Estefan’s class came down to our classroom to help us log onto the computers for the first time, and they helped us if we needed directions repeated during the assessments. We are ALL done and super grateful for our amazing fourth grade buddies! 

Word Study – We started our phonics workshop this week by studying the most important words in the world: NAMES! We met our class mascot, Rasheed the lion, and began studying his name!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, September 16
    • STEAM
    • Star of the Day: Jacob
  • Tuesday, September 17
    • MUSIC
    • Star of the Day: Aaron
  • Wednesday, September 18
    • P.E.
    • Star of the Day: Kinsman
  • Thursday, September 19
    • ART
    • Star of the Day: Will
    • Mrs. Kuiper will be gone in the morning for a training! 
  • Friday, September 20
    • STEAM
    • Star of the Day: Allison
    • Early Release @ 12:15 pm


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