Week 2 Highlights

Notes for Parents:

  • Information about classroom birthdays came home in your child’s blue folder on Tuesday. This document is also linked here on our blog.
  • Please practice shoe-tying with your first grader! This is a BIG BIG help for us as we have lots of little shoes to tie each day. 


Star of the Day – We had three star students in our classroom this week. Each student shared an “All About Me” page and was the line leader! Information on Star of the Day came home in your child’s blue folder on Tuesday. The “All About Me” page will come home in blue folders the Friday before your child is our Star of the Day.

Quote of the Week – Each week, our class learns about a new quote and spends the whole week trying to embody that quote. At the end of the week, Mrs. Kuiper awards a friend from our class who really shined with that quote’s energy from throughout the week. This week’s quote went to EMMA for being a kind friend! 

First Grade Family Time – Every Friday, all of the first graders at Georgetown get together for a little assembly! At the assembly, we celebrate our learning, give awards for the quote of the week, and celebrate birthdays from the week. Here are our “Quote” & “Birthday” first graders from today’s family time. 


Reading We started reader’s workshop this week by learning about how we will spend our reading time each week. We also learned how to take a “sneak peek” at a book before we start reading. Plus, we practiced book shopping from our classroom library!


Writing We began our “Small Moments” writing unit this week! To begin, we learned about the difference between a watermelon story & a seed story. Then, we wrote a small moment story together about open house! 


Math This week’s math lessons focused on simple addition and subtraction from 0-10. We used our math workbooks for the first time, and we wrote lots of partner equations. 


Social & Emotional We met Mr. Penguin, a stuffed penguin who will help us talk about our emotions throughout this school year! We brainstormed lots of different emotions and made our own chart to show different feelings. We ended the week by making a penguin craft!  


SOAR All of Hudsonville Public Schools are focused on SOARing this year! Be Safe, Own It, Act Responsibly, & Be Respectful. We added some new SOAR posters to our classroom and talked about how we will SOAR in the classroom, on the bus, on the playground, and more. 

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, September 9
    • ART
    • Star of the Day: Lila
    • Birthday Celebration: Lila
  • Tuesday, September 10
    • STEAM
    • Star of the Day: Emmett
  • Wednesday, September 11
    • MUSIC
    • Library
    • Star of the Day: Alesha
  • Thursday, September 12
    • PE
    • Star of the Day: Kennedy
  • Friday, September 13
    • ART
    • Star of the Day: Evelynne


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